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Garments manufacturing is the largest business segment under PCCS Group Berhad (“PCCS”)

In 1973, the founders of PCCS – Mr. Chan Kok Hiang and Mr. Chan Choo Sing started their garment manufacturing business with just 3 second-hand sewing machines. After several years of hardwork, PCCS has managed to produce high quality products which can fulfil buyers’ demand, who are the renowned international fashion brands.The high-quality products and the supports from buyers allowing PCCS be able toget listed on Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (“KLSE”).

In 2005, with the mature manufacturing process and skills that we have, PCCS entered into China market and has successfully gained a foothold through the manufacturing of sport attire.      

While in 2007,PCCS decided to expand its businesses into Cambodia. Our operation in Cambodia has been growing steadily and currently it has nearly 3,000 workers in Cambodia with steady sales orders receiving from renowned international buyers. 

Our service

Providing high quality products and services to our customers

As the core business of PCCS, we had spent a lot of capital expenditure to make sure that latest technology is being used in the manufacturing process so that our buyers will be able to get high quality products with less costs.


Customers’ satisfaction proves our capabilities

Besides high-quality products, we also emphasize in training our staff to form a highly united service team with qualified and dynamic personnel in order to provide 5-star services to our customers.


One-Stop standardized services

With more than 40 years of experience,we have managed to develop our own standard operating and manufacturing procedures and is now an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). We are able to provide highly efficient one-stop services to the buyers – from design to manufacturing and even packaging of products. 

They Are Our Partners. The Next is You!


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